Mind Tricks to Reduce The Anxiety

When we find ourselves in moments of crisis or anxiety, as is happening in these days of uncertainty, on many occasions, there is a tendency for people to capture the information they receive in a negative way or with a certain tinge of irrationality, according to that emotional state . But can we do something about it?

Yes, of course, training the mind and adopting a position of strength is possible and necessary.


Tricks to train the mind in difficult moments

As we have seen, it is precisely the mind that can deceive us in complicated moments in which we feel stressed or sad when it comes to managing what happens around us and with ourselves. For this reason, we must be prepared to do our part and train the mind .

To avoid these sensations and avoid making hasty decisions or considerations, Guillermo Fouce, doctor in psychology and president of the Psychology Without Borders Foundation, attends to the need to stop, to be aware of what is happening to us and, for this, he proposes several Actions:

  • In the first place, not to obsess and reduce the things that come to us to absurdity, in addition to sharing it.
  • If necessary, seek help .
  • Do not believe hoaxes or lies.
  • Disconnect , for example, learning to relax.
  • It is also about assuming that there will be easier moments and others more difficult, it is inevitable.
  • Avoid shortcuts like alcohol or pills .
  • Express emotions and assume them: cry-laugh and share them.
  • It is good to write or if not record thoughts and thus dump and elaborate them.

For its part, from the European Institute of Positive Psychology ( IEPP ) they also offer strategies to carry out in these cases of anxiety and worry and thus alleviate that state that generates negative perceptions of our environment. Training the mind goes through:


  • Accept the situation. This is what there is and what we have to live, it is useless to fight or face it. On the contrary, you have to accept and embrace reality, and there is only one reality.
  • Stay calm . Work on relaxation, breathing and listening to audios to meditate and empty the mind of thoughts; Practicing yoga or getting started in the practice of mindfulness is essential and a very useful tool to try not to lose your nerves or patience and try not to fall into situations of unnecessary panic that will not help at all.
  • Mark and organize agenda and tasks . Even if you are not going to leave the house, it is very important to follow a schedule and have a planning of the agenda. Routines generate security and control within a situation as atypical and exceptional as that of the coronavirus, especially for the little ones. Keep your time for breakfast, your stop for lunch and for coffee or infusion … Order will help you avoid chaos.
  • Move . One of the many benefits of playing sports is that it helps us rest better and relax. So it is essential to practice it daily between half an hour and 1 hour to have anxiety controlled.

No to intoxication. Anxiety is an exorbitant response that comes before a fear, so being in continuous exposure to news and information related to the coronavirus, for example, is not going to benefit at all.

Written by zack

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