Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Biological Age Of 23 Years, And what about You?

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Cristiano Ronaldo assured that despite being close to 37 years old, his biological age was 23 years old, to which Rafael Nadal ironically replied that his should be closer to forty-something. But can our body really have a different chronological age and biological age ?

Well, not everyone ages the same and that is why one thing is our real age and another is what our body has, as you read it. So if you want to know more about how to calculate biological age and what exactly does it consist of, keep reading!

What is the biological age?

The biological age is a fisológico concept that measures the degree of aging of our cells and our bodies . Basically, biological age tells us the state of our body according to standard patterns that are assigned to each age.

That is, it is an indicator of your general health , which includes both your genetics and other external factors. Some of the external factors that can alter your biological age with respect to your chronological age are:

  • Physical state
  • Feeding
  • Lifestyle
  • Hours of sleep

Surely you are more than familiar with all these aspects of your life, well, know that they will add or subtract years to your health and that of your body. And it is that just as there are habits that keep your brain young, there are others that keep your body younger than your real age.

How to calculate biological age?

Having said all this, you may already be wondering what to do to be able to calculate biological age . There are different analyzes to determine it. One of the starting points is to do a blood test .

The reason is that biological age is measured by a group of proteins that are released when telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, are shortened. This phenomenon is linked to aging, and the first to identify it and isolate proteins were scientists from the German Max Planck Institute

So here comes the question How often do you do analytics?

Keeping the digestive system in good condition and keeping diabetes at bay are other insurance against aging. It is also important to monitor the level of medication. Taking regular medications usually adds years to our immune system.

Biological age test

In addition, a series of tables are used to calculate biological age, among which it measures: stress tests, immune function, bone density and muscle factors, among others. However, here it should be said that the interpretations of these tables are not unanimous and can be given to different interpretations.

In turn, according to a study developed by Stanford University , the organs and parameters that must be taken into account when determining the biological age of the body are:

  • Heart and cardiovascular function
  • The lungs and lung capacity measurement
  • The brain, being able to detect cognitive impairment
  • The skin, analyzing its elasticity and firmness
  • Telomere length, to be demonstrated as a risk factor for cancer or dementia
  • And the immune system-> here we told you how to improve the immune system

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