A Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2021

Instagram Influencer Marketing is the process of promoting a business or product via influencing social media users to buy and/or use your product. In return, you pay them for their endorsement in the form of pictures featuring your brand that they post on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites


Why Choose Instagram Influencers?

With Social Media marketing it’s actually insane how much influence these people have over their fans! When someone with an established following post something –for example: a picture– it gets liked by hundreds and thousands of people in a short amount of time!

So instead of using traditional marketing methods such as TV, Radio or Print –which can cost companies a lot of money (think about all those commercials), influencer marketing helps you reach a target audience without spending too much.


Invest In Social Media Marketing

In the world of advertising, influencer marketing is all about social media. It’s basically all that matters with this new generation! Millennials and Generation Y are growing up, they spend more time on digital channels than traditional TV-channels so it’s only smart to invest in social media marketing!

Don’t run after your competitors anymore –you know how Facebook works– just invest in instagram influencers and watch them do their magic!


Investing in a social media marketing campaign through influencers is the way to go! You can’t just hope and pray that your posts will get delivered to your audience and hoping they’ll like it –that doesn’t work anymore!

With Instagram, you can truly control who sees what you post, it’s not sent out in a mass-mail… with instagram influencer marketing you’re guaranteed results –you reach your target audience for sure.

Whether its Clothing line or computers, food products, even software/apps; there’s really no limit on how far an Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign can take off when done right.

Just make sure that the people working on these campaigns are professional and have worked on other high-profile campaigns before. Doing a good job through influencer marketing is the way to go –don’t settle for less.

With That Being Said,


There Are Different Kinds Of Instagram Influencers:

Business-Focused Instagram Influencers:

These guys have a proven history at getting businesses results for their investment. Businesses that hire them typically do so in hopes of growing revenue and/or brand awareness.

This can be done by having these social media superstars feature your business’ product(s) via photos on their respective accounts. With this type of campaign, you’ll want to make sure the person working with you on it has experience with campaigns like yours before!

They need to know what they’re doing, otherwise you could end up hurting your company’s reputation!


Fan-Focused Instagram Influencers:

These guys are usually celebrities or social media stars that already have a huge following. Their job is to use their existing fan base (not businesses) to promote your business/product with the hopes of growing your company’s revenue and brand awareness. They’re people that most likely aren’t professional Instagram influencers, they’re just regular people like you and me!

With this type of campaign –you’ll be working with fans instead of businesses– so it really depends on how interested your potential customers would be in checking out what you have to offer them.


Influencer Marketing Is A Win – Win Situation

I know you think that paying these Instagram Influencers something in return for promotion is a waste of money –in fact, it’s the complete opposite! I mean, you could do it yourself and try to promote your brand via social media but you wouldn’t reach a third of what they reach with one post. This is because people are way more likely to listen and follow an influencer than someone they don’t really know.

Instagram Influencers have millions of followers so if you get them talking about your product –you’ll be doing thousands of dollars’ worth sales virtually overnight! Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine all those likes, shares and views! Sounds great right? So go ahead and invest in instagram influencer marketing today !


It’s All About Content, Engagement & Numbers

As an influencer it’s important to create great content that people will relate to. If you post pictures of yourself all the time –your followers might get annoyed by it– and stop following you.

So, mix everything up! Post some pictures of your family or friends, talk about a current event in the world of sports/television/movies etc.. Don’t forget to engage with your audience as well! If they comment on one of your posts –reply as soon as possible. The more engagement you have with them, the better results you’ll get when promoting anything via Instagram!


Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Works?

So let’s say you have an amazing product and even more amazing Instagram Influencers to promote it on your behalf. It seems like everything is awesome but what happens when people see a picture of something they enjoy? –They want one!

The key to making this work for your favor is: Engagement, Engagement & Engagement! If you get enough people talking about and liking that picture –you’ll probably end up selling thousands of units in just a couple days! Think about all those likes, shares, comments; it’s crazy how much influence these people have over their followers! Just imagine if the world was like that right now –how many things would be sold per second?


How Much Do Instagram Influencers Cost?

Everyone wants a product sold! It’s in human nature to want to make money and progress but as we all know –not everyone has the same budget. Some of us have large budgets, some medium, while others barely have anything to spend on social media marketing at all.

This is exactly why we created this article so that you could find the perfect Instagram Influencer for your business regardless of how much you can spend on Social Media Marketing .


The infographic below will give you recommendations for different scenarios! I recommend checking it out before googling around for cheap or expensive Instagram influencers since they’re listed in there!


How To Find & Hire The Perfect Instagram Influencer

We’ve been through the basics about choosing an ideal instagram influencer so now you’re left with the task of finding and contacting one. Be sure to know what he/she is promoting before reaching out –otherwise they won’t be interested in working with you! It’s just like when a company wants someone to promote its products but doesn’t let them know about it beforehand –not gonna happen!

Just check their instagram profile if they have one and search for keywords related to your product (ex: ‘digital’, ‘WordPress’).

Don’t forget that Instagram Influencers don’t need to have millions of followers, they can actually start small and grow big through constant promotion via Instagram! So if you find some influencers that fit your budget but only have few hundred or even thousand followers –


The Future Of Instagram Influencer Marketing

The world of Instagram Influencer Marketing is huge and only getting bigger. More brands will start using this amazing tool to promote their products so you better invest in it fast! What are you waiting for? Go and find yourself an Influential Instagrammer today!


Written by zack

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