4 most Exciting 3D Printed Houses

In the past 200 years, the traditional method of building houses may have changed, but man has retained a key element. Even with the latest excavators and cranes, someone still has to drive them. But now industrial 3D printers can extrude concrete from 3D models and build houses completely autonomously. These huge 3D printers can build a complete 3D printed house in a few hours!

We also have a ranking of the most innovative home 3D printer companies
3D printing offers the opportunity to build houses faster, more accurately and cheaper than ever before. We will show some interesting 3D printed house projects that already exist, the pros and cons of 3D printed houses, and mention some 3D printer companies that are working hard to commercialize the technology.

We’ve divided this complete 3D-printed home guide into three parts:

Part 1: Five Key Benefits of 3D Printed Homes and How We Can Benefit from 3D Printed Buildings

Part 2: A selection of the most exciting 3D printed luxury homes, residences and apartment projects.

Here is the list of most Exciting 3D Printed Houses

1. World’s Largest 3D Printed House by Apis Cor in Dubai

If you hear of an exciting or innovative building project, there is a high likelihood it will involve Dubai. Dubai have been championing ambitious architectural projects for years, and have recently made the bold move of aiming to have 25% of new buildings 3D printed by 2030.

World's biggest 3D printed building opens in Dubai - India News

This administrative building comprises two floors, featuring beautiful 3D printed architecture born out of an ongoing collaboration between Russian 3D printed house company Apis Cor and the Dubai Municipality.

Apis Cor builds world's largest 3D-printed building in Dubai

We expect much more to come from Apis Cor in Dubai as this building is considered by them to be just a test for larger 3D printed house projects for the future. It is claimed to have been to test whether Apis Cor’s concrete 3D printer could print a building in Dubai’s heat — and passed with flying colors.

Expect more very soon: 3D printed apartment blocks, skyscrapers, landmarks and more.


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