Pros And Cons of Sleeping With Your Dog

The dog is man’s best friend, which is why the International Dog Day is celebrated on July 21. This pet seems to be the most common and preferred in homes, given its benefits for adults and children, being a very sociable and affectionate animal in general, even protective of the family and its properties.

There has been a debate for quite some time that we want to talk about today and that is whether or not sleeping with a dog is really beneficial for people.


Why is having a dog good for our mental and physical health?

It is important to rule out, first, that we have an allergy to these animals or that we suffer from respiratory problems , in addition to knowing well the sleep habits of our pet.

On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic Sleep Center has prepared a study about this habit and its health benefits, and has concluded that, despite some drawbacks, sleeping near our pet makes us rest much better. Some of the advantages they pointed out were the following:

Dogs relieve anxiety and stress : Not surprisingly, these animals are used as assistants in psychological therapies, since they generate feelings of relaxation and tranquility in us. Therefore, people who sleep with dogs sleep more relaxed, feeling safe and calm.

Strengthen the bond between the two : Dogs tend to want to be close to their owners at all times, so if you let him sleep with you, he will thank you and make you feel his unconditional love.

The night becomes warmer and more welcoming : This happens especially in winter. On those cold nights, you can snuggle up next to your dog to feel his warmth.

They help improve depression: It has been shown that these animals can reduce the symptoms of depression in people. This is so because they generate feelings of well-being and unconditional love that only they can give us.

Do we rest the same when we sleep with our dog?

Although it can be mostly pleasant, sleeping with our dog is not without some problems or discomforts:

  • Some dogs snore and their owners complain, although this percentage seems to be around 21%.
  • The sleeping habits of these animals: It is possible that they wake up several times or even wake up at night, so it is convenient that you know the sleeping habits of your pet.
  • They can move a lot throughout the night and wake us up at times, or make sounds.
  • It is important to maintain them with good hygiene and visit the vet regularly for check-ups and deworming.
  • It can become a habit for him that is difficult to reverse.

Security, tranquility and company: The pros of sleeping with your dog.

As we have commented previously, sleeping with your pet can make us experience feelings of well-being, tranquility, security and company. This will produce both physical and psychological benefits:


  • It has also been observed to lower your blood pressure.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety by making us feel protected, safe and loved.
  • Easier to fall asleep.
  • Although it may wake us up on occasion, it generates such relaxation that we may rest better.
  • Less stress when sleeping, given the tranquility that it can transmit to us.

It seems that sleeping with a dog can give us many benefits for our mental and physical health. But whether or not we dog, one health insurance can also help us maintain and take care of our bodies and our minds because when we have it, we can go from an allergist to a psychologist with all possible facilities, I can choose it between a large portfolio of professionals. Whatever you choose, we want you to enjoy your rest, especially these summer days.

Written by zack

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